Professional Development Services

Counselling Associates offers services specifically for qualifying therapists, students, new graduates and established mental health professionals to ensures that they meet the experience and supervision requirements within the scope of practice laid out by their respective regulatory bodies.



Why Choose Counselling Associates?

Selecting a supervisor who is both experienced and qualified is an important decision. What makes us unique is that we offer flexible scheduling, an affordable flat monthly fee, and a curriculum that meets the need of mental health professionals. We believe the relationship between supervisor and supervisee should be a good fit and will meet with you determine your needs, goals and expectations.

Supervision gives fellow mental health professionals, especially those just starting out, the necessary time and space to reflect and explore their work with clients. and on their own professional identity, growth and development. It provides support to help newly experienced mental health professionals with the challenges of professional practice and to develop an authentic style of work that is congruent with who he or she is as a practitioner.

Who Are Your Services For?

We offer professional development services to a diverse range of qualifying and/or established mental health professionals including:

  • Qualifying students - Masters level social Work, Counselling Psychology

  • Internationally trained professionals

  • New Graduates

  • Established mental health professionals

Qualifying refers to a person who is eligible for licensing by a recognized regulatory body such as the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers or the College of Psychotherapist of Ontario.


What Services Do You Offer?

At Counselling, our professional development services include:

  • Clinical Supervision

  • Group Supervision

  • Case Consultation

  • In-House Training


What is Your Supervision Style or Approach?

At Counselling Associates, we seek to develop a strong supervisory alliance that is:

  • respectful, supportive and non-judgmental

  • collaborative and interactive

  • affirming and empowering

A strong and empathic supervisory relationship creates that safety necessary for supervises to discuss issues that that sensitive or difficult. We focus on areas that include but are not limited to the supervisees counselling skills, professional behaviours and personal awareness. We work collaboratively with all supervisees to facilitate their psychological growth.


How Will Supervisee’s Benefit?

Our framework encourages and promotes reflective practice. We work with supervisees to become aware of their internal process, the client and the relational dynamic. As a result supervisees are better able to:

  • Make meaning of the patterns and dynamics that govern and create problems in your client’s life and relationships.- improve case conceptualization skills

  • Enhance clinical skills

  • Gain insight into themselves

  • More proficient in choosing and implementing interventions

  • Expand theoretical knowledge

Experienced or established therapist will:

  • Expand clinical case conceptualizing skills

  • implement new tools and techniques, improve effectiveness,

  • Identity transference, counter-transference

  • Become more skilled in ‘use of self’

Group supervisees participants

  • Engage with peers

  • Exchange knowledge and skills

  • Get support, validation


Are the Therapists at Counselling Associated Qualified to Offer Supervision?

All of the therapists at Counselling Associates are have extensive clinical experience in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. All meet the requirements of both the College of Registered Psychotherapist and the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers


How Much Does Supervision Cost?


Individual Supervision & Consultation

  • Professional/Clinical Practitioners - $100

  • Students/new Graduates - $75

Group Supervision

  • Professional/Clinical Practitioners - $75

  • Students/new Graduates - $60

Fees are based on an hourly rate. In order to attest to the supervisees clinical growth and competence, he or she should come at least once a month for no less than four consecutive months. Where possible, we strongly encourage the practitioners receiving individual supervision to attend at least one group supervision session. We believe that you grow as a practitioner when there is mutual learning between peers.


Ready to Get Started?

If you are interested in receiving supervision or consultation from one the therapists at Counselling Associates, please call (416) 292-3157.