Are You A Parent who can't seem to get through to you Teen?

Are you Worried because your teen seems withdrawn, distant, depressed?

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the increase in Conflict with your teen? 

When Parents Are Supported The Whole Family Benefits

At Counselling Associates, we are keenly aware that parenting is an infinitely rewarding, albeit very stressful experience. Parenting in the modern age has brought a new set of challenges not previously faced by earlier generations. We expect parents to balance the ever-competing demands of work, life and family responsibilities while supporting their children through challenges such as cyberbullying, addictions, and mental health issues.

Amidst all these responsibilities, parents must also attend to their own needs and manage their own struggles. The new roles and responsibilities that parents today are expected to fulfill often require skills and strategies that may not come naturally to them.

What Is Parenting Counselling and Therapy?

Parenting therapy or counselling is a growing area of psychotherapy that aims to equip parents with the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, to function optimally in this important role. In a safe, non-judgemental therapeutic environment, parents develop insight and knowledge to identify, assess and respond to the needs of their children while also attending to their own needs.

Parenting does not come with a roadmap. If you are a parent who feels overwhelmed and at a loss for how to help your child or teen we are here to help.

Common Reasons for Seeking Parenting Therapy

Some common reasons for seeking therapy for parenting issues include:

  • Separation, divorce, co-parenting

  • A significant loss or change in family structure

  • Marital discord

  • Unresolved family of origin issues

  • Teen Issues, child behaviour and development

  • Mental health concerns, (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.)

  • Substance misuse

  • Health issues

Therapy for parenting issues is available for one or both parents. Together, or individually, parents can find support and guidance to address their parenting concerns.

Counselling and Therapy for Parenting Issues Builds Confidence & Connection

Counselling and therapy for parenting issues can help parents to:

  • Parent skillfully to meet the challenges of today’s teens

  • Guide your child through life transitions, (e.g. beginning school, puberty,) 

  • Navigate co-parenting arrangements

  • Regulate difficult emotions like anger, guilt, and shame

  • Work through unresolved parenting issues from your past

  • Interrupt unhealthy patterns from your own family of origin

  • Skillfully respond to disrespectful behaviour

  • Foster resiliency in your child and self

It is common for parents to feel defined by their roles as parents and lose sight of themselves as individuals, with needs independent of their children. The experienced therapists at Counselling Associates can serve as a guide to help parents recognize and respond to their children’s needs, without losing sight of their own.

If You Are An Overwhelmed Parent You Are Not Alone!

With multiple issues that parents face today, no one parent can have all the answers. Our therapists empathize and understand the self-doubt and exhaustion parents sometimes feel.

At Counselling Associates, we offer a safe, judgment-free space for parents to work through their fears, hopes, frustrations and doubts. Together we will find individually tailored interventions to help resolve your issues and concerns.

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Become the parent today that you kids will remember tomorrow
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