is Anger Ruining Your Life or Wreaking Havoc in Your relationships?

Do You Feel chronically irritable, annoyed or frustrated?

has your anger led to violence, Road Rage or legal problems?

You Can Make Anger Your Ally

Anger is an emotion that few truly understand or learn how to express in helpful ways. As a society, we often express our anger in polarities - by suppressing or redirecting it inward or externalizing it in explosive ways. When we understand our anger and learn to process it, we are less likely to mismanage or misuse it. Counselling or therapy is an important step in making anger your ally

What is Anger?

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that, when managed appropriately, can be a positive force that can help people make changes in their lives. However, many of us respond to anger in unhealthy and negative ways when it becomes destructive or aggressive towards others or ourselves.  Manifestations of anger can range from “slow-burn” irritations to explosive rage.  Unresolved and unmanaged anger can have serious consequences for your well-being, for your relationships, and for your health.  

Signs and Symptoms of Anger

Effectively managing anger requires us to first recognize when it is happening. Anger does not have an on/off switch. We experience it in gradations ranging from irritation to rage. Signs and symptoms of anger fall under three main categories including:

Physical Signs

  • ·Increased heart rate

  • Jaw tension, teeth grinding

  • Sweating, shaking, trembling

  • Headache, feeling foggy, dizziness

  • Long-term health impacts (e.g. high blood pressure)

Emotional Signs

  • Frustration, resentment

  • Anxiety; fear

  • Depression

  • Shame, guilt

Behavioral Signs

  • Sarcasm, silent treatment

  • Self-harm, self-medicating

  • Aggression - yelling, swearing, violence

  • Cycles of abuse

Detecting signs of anger early is a critical part of effective anger management.

What Causes Anger?

What triggers anger is a function of age, culture, gender family history, health and physical discomfort. Circumstances that trigger anger include:

  • Personal stress - family, work, financial

  • Real or perceived threats

  • Traumatic stressors

  • Ethical or moral violations of our standards

  • Frustration from blocked goals

  • Injustice, unfair treatment

  • Feelings of powerlessness

Anger protects us from more vulnerable emotions like fear, sadness and shame. Anger expressed in unhealthy ways has a negative impact over time.

How Can Therapy and Counselling For Anger Help?

At Counselling Associates, we understand that anger is both a normal and a healthy emotion. We recognize that anger comes from emotional hurt, often not recognized or understood.  

The therapists at Counselling Associates have extensive experience helping people manage their anger in various situations. We work from a collaborative, strength-based philosophy, to find models, approaches and strategies that fit your unique situation. Counselling and therapy for anger can help in variety of ways by:

  • Developing greater insight about the underlying causes of your anger.

  • Uncovering the underlying emotions that trigger anger.   

  • Reducing strong emotions and the physiological arousal that anger produces.  

  • Learning specific anger management tools to help you take your life back from unhelpful and destructive behaviours. 

  • Developing practical strategies to replace aggressive with assertive communication.

  • Helping you repair relationships damaged by anger.

  • Strengthening coping skills to help you navigate difficult situations confidently

Struggling to Control Your Anger? You Are Not Alone!

Anger can be a healthy and empowering emotion when managed appropriately. If you, or someone you love, is struggling with anger management, you are not alone! At Counselling Associates, we have helped countless men and women develop effective and adaptive methods for regulating and processing anger.      

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