Are you 40-60 yrs old and feel Anxious, Depressed or Dissatisfied with your life?

do you feel a sense of urgency about making a change in your life?

Has a health scare, parental death or empty nest Caused you to re-evaluate your priorities?

What is a Mid-Life Transition?

Realizing that life is short and does not last forever takes on a heightened significance during the mid-life years of our lives.   We typically define a mid-life transition as the period between 40-60 when individuals develop a sense of urgency to reassess both life and its meaning.  During this period people often question their decisions, take stock of their lives and make adjustments to long-held priorities, beliefs and practices. 

While many people experience mid-life as a tremendous opportunity for reinvention and growth, others struggle to adjust to the changes that accompany this life stage.  Adjusting to the challenges and changes during this transition period may precipitate a mid-life crisis.  

What is a Mid-Life Crisis?

A ‘mid-life crisis’ describes the major transition of identity that takes place in the mid-life years of our lives.   Adjusting to a mid-life transition often results in emotional and behavioural responses related to these changes. 

Signs and Symptoms of a Mid-life Crisis

Although people respond to mid-life transitions in different ways, common signs and symptoms you may be experiencing a “mid-life crisis” include:

  • Dissatisfaction, boredom, restlessness with life, career, relationships, etc.

  • Frustration, avoidance and/or denial of aging; attempts to recapture youth

  • Regrets and questioning of past decisions

  • Dramatic changes in habits and behaviours

  • Impulsive decision-making, risk-taking

  • Loss of confidence, unfavourable comparisons to others

  • Fears, preoccupation about one's mortality

  • Feeling trapped, lost or stuck

  • Infidelity, extra-marital affairs 

  • Depression, anxiety, anger, irritability

  • Strong need to reinvent oneself; find a purpose; act in one's self-interest

Causes of a Mid-Life Crisis

Several experiences can trigger a profound shift or crisis in mid-life including: 

  • Loss of a loved one, (e.g. death of a parent, spouse, child etc.)

  • Changes in physical appearance, (e.g. weight gain, less attractive)

  • Changes in relationship status, (e.g. separation, divorce, widowhood)

  • A medical diagnosis,  change in health status

  • Becoming a grandparent, empty nester, (e.g. youngest child leaves home) 

  • Reproductive changes, (e.g. infertility, menopause)

  • Work-related changes, (e.g. job loss, denied a promotion, demotion)

How Can Counselling and Therapy for Mid-Life Transitions Help?

At Counselling Associates, we provide a safe, welcoming space for you to reflect, process and explore your feelings, fears and hopes related to your mid-life transition. We will work collaboratively to: 

  • Improve your overall coping response to the crisis or transition

  • Process past experiences and patterns contributing to your response

  • Re-frame the meaning of the transition to uncover its growth-enhancing potential

  • Develop insight, skills and internal strengths to improve your coping response

  • Identify healthy behaviours, actions, and choices that facilitate a healthier transition

  • Discover new goals and aspirations for the second half of your life

  • Embrace and integrate the wisdom, confidence and self-knowledge that comes with age and experience

Our skilled and compassionate therapists can help you to determine the changes you need and want to make, and take action towards achieving a richer, more balanced mid-life.   

Struggling through Mid-Life Transtion? You are not Alone!

According to Statistics Canada 1 in 4 Canadians will be over 65 by the year 2031.  Millions of Canadians, therefore, are transitioning into mid-life or will be in the next few years. 

If you are experiencing a difficult mid-life transition, there is no reason to go it alone. Let us help you make meaning of your mid-life transition and embark on the second half of your life's adventure with new peace, meaning, and purpose.

People may call what happens in mid-life a ‘crisis’ but its not. It’s an unravelling - a time when you feel a desperate pull to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you really are.
— Brene Brown