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I specialize in Helping Couples, teens, Parents & Families Build Strong & Healthy Relationships


Thank you for stopping by. I am the proud Owner and Clinical Director of Counselling Associates of Toronto. I am also a Registered Social Worker with more than 25 years of experiences working as an individual, couples and family therapist throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

I believe that effective therapy combines elements of science and art.  The science is in the vast array of evidence-based or expert approaches that I have skillfully applied throughout my 25 year history of working with different client groups in different clinical and community settings.  The art is in my abilities to develop therapeutic relationships and collaborate with clients, to integrate and implement these various ideas in creative ways, that pays attention to people’s uniqueness. 

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My Approach

Whether working with individuals, couples, teens, parents or families my approach to therapy is client-centered and strength-based. I start with the strengths and resources that you bring to therapy and prioritize your hopes and expectations.

I provide a space where you feel safe, and in control of the therapy experience and work collaboratively to help you make changes that are meaningful.


Education & Background


Before pursuing my true calling, I began my professional career as a Reporter after earning an under-graduate degree in Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa. My ability to connect with the people behind the reported and written stories ironically helped me to uncover my true interest and passions. That discovery prompted me to return to school and eventually earn both a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from York University and Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Toronto.

My career as a social worker spans 25+ years during which time I gained a broad range and depth of experience working in clinical and community based mental health settings. In addition to my present role as a Clinical Director and Supervisor at Counselling Associates, some of my other professionals positions have included:

  • Professor, Social Service Worker program at Fleming College

  • Individual, Group and Family Therapist with teens, parents and families in mental health, custody and residential settings

  • Clinical Supervisor and Family Therapist within a high school based day treatment program focusing on supporting adolescents with a range of mental health challenges and their families

  • Domestic Violence Group Facilitator with the Ontario court sanctioned PAR ( Partner Abuse Response) program

  • Individual Therapist, at the Anger Management Centre of Toronto


Therapy Tailored to You

My work is tailored to address the unique needs and personal circumstances of each individual, couple, family and group.

I combine a variety of cutting edge approaches such as mindfulness, narrative, solution-focused, emotion-focused and cognitive behavioural and dialetical behavioural therapies to help you achieve your counselling and therapy goals.

These approaches are shown to be highly effective in helping clients like you cope with a broad range of life issues. 

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Therapy With James Might Be A Good Fit If You Are Seeking:

  • A seasoned therapist with 25+ years of professional experience who also brings to bear wisdom accumulated from actual lived experience

  • A trained couples therapist who has helped married, dating and committed couples navigate some of the most challenges aspects of long-term commitment including infidelity, communication impasses, boundaries, differences in parenting

  • Someone who understands the challenges of parenting - I am the proud father of 3 young adult sons - and can provide insight, tools and techniques to help parents navigate the challenges of parenting in the modern age.

  • An infinitely patient therapist with a demonstrated track record of success motivating, encouraging and helping teens to communicate their needs in ways the can be supported and understood

  • A skilled group facilitator specializing in men’s anger management and partner abuse response - PAR groups

  • A male therapist who understands the ambivalence and skepticism some men feel about coming to therapy. I provide a non-judgmental space to listen to and validate your concerns

  • A well-trained therapist who can help you resolve your depression, anxiety, grief and trauma

  • A respectfully curious therapist who recognizes his privilege and will create a safe space for clients from diverse backgrounds to find relief from dominant problem-focused narratives by exploring new options and possibilities

  • A supportive therapist who is committed to helping you achieve your goals

  • A trauma-informed therapist who can work with you to resolve a recent or past experience of abuse, violence or other devastating life event

Clients who work with me are assured an experience where their value and strengths are affirmed and used in the service of change - James Vickers



Contact James Today

I offer a free 15-minute consultation for you to ask me questions about my practice and for me to consult with you on the changes you are looking to make in your life. Please contact me by completing the form below or by phone at (416) 721-3841 to schedule your first appointment.

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Psychotherapy can help you to connect more deeply to yourself in a safe and nurturing space.
— James Vickers